About us

Discovery Holiday Homes Ltd and Happy Holiday Homes SAGL have rapidly grown to be the leading provider of Holiday Rental properties in selected parts of the world. Brunston Castle has provided a wonderful opportunity to develop our business further, in beautful Scotland.

With over 500 properties under management and a diverse portfolio, ranging from small apartments to magnificent villas; the company attracts thousands of visitors per year. As a United Kingdom company with multi-lingual staff, we actively market properties in many languages world-wide, to many different demographic groups.

With frequent visitors from the United Kingdom, Australia, the Middle East, Continental Europe and the USA; the company has needed to address all their diverse requirements in terms of accommodation, travel advice and payment needs. With online booking through secure credit card gateways, wire payments facilities and bank accounts in key European countries, we try to satisfy all our clients’ requests and make their stay and holiday arrangements as easy as possible.