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  • Rent Richard Bransons Villa

    Lake Como and Lake Lugano, Italy

    We love special places and it doesn't get more special than Lake Como. We manage over 160 properties on the lake and would like to offer anybody who stays in one of Brunston Lodges, a discount on their holiday on Lake Como in the future. Visit Lake Como Homes

  • We also rent properties on Lake Lugano in Porlezza. The Porto Letizia complex provides spectacular lake frontage and full facilities, making it ideal for family holidays or long breaks. Both Lake Como and Lake Lugano properties can be booked through our main booking facility in Switzerland. Visit Porto-Letizia

  • Please send an enquiry for full availability & tariffs



    PLEASE NOTE: Guests can help themselves to fresh bread at the reception or it can also be delivered to the house. There are also some films at the reception which the guests may use..

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Our Locations

Torquay, England

Our office in Devon is the UK booking arm and also takes care of the marketing and accounts.

Lugano, Switzerland

Our office in Lugano looks after International booking activities. With the advantage of Swiss communications and multi-lingual staff, the bookings are taken by phone, email a& online and all subsequent information that a visitor needs, is relayed from here.